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Man with Kindling, 2018, Ink on Paper
Candy Monsters, 2018, Ink on Paper
Selfie-Monster, 2015, Coloured Pencil on Paper
Broken Leg (Detail), 2013, Coloured Pencil, Ink and Watercolour on Paper
Panoportrait, 2017, Pencil on Paper
Self Portrait in a Striped Tshirt, 2022, Coloured Pencil on Paper
Portrait in the Bottom of a Glass, 2017, Ink on Paper
Little Annies, 2015, Scratchboard
Anxietycycle Deluxe (detail), 2014, Ink on Paper
Bullseye, 2017, Coloured Pencil on Paper
Two Days, 2019, Ink on Canvas
Mousetrap, 2021, Coloured Pencil on Paper
Always Winning, 2020, Ink on Paper
Barrel-o-murder, 2016, Ink on Paper
Flesh-ball, 2018, Ink on Paper
Piggin' (detail), 2014, Coloured Pencil on Pigskin
Covid Sun, 2022, Coloured Pencil on Paper
Stationery Heart, 2020, Ink on Paper
Dinner, 30 000ft, 2018, Coloured Pencil on Airsickness Bags
Greetings From Sabah, 2016, Coloured Pencil on Wood


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